Fast Water Restoration Services

Water Damage

From a small leak to a major flood, our team of professionals are trained to handle your crisis. Give us a call and leave the damage assessment and correction to us to ensure that things are dried out quickly and thoroughly to preserve your property and lessen the chance of future issues.

Why Fix the Damage?

It is important to have your water damage properly handled as soon as possible to preserve the visual appearance of your home and to prevent any indoor air quality issues caused by wet building materials that will develop fungal growth if not cared for properly. Indoor air quality issues could occur weeks to months after the visual damage is done. If the damage is not cared for by professionals like us, a lot of times there are “loose ends” that get left behind causing future problems. Virotect Restoration trains and works to protect you and your property.

Why Fix Water Damage?
Where is the water damage?

Where Is the Damage?

The Virotect Restoration team will discuss the damage discovery process with you. We commonly use tools such as moisture meters and thermal imaging equipment to determine any damage that might not be visible to the naked eye. Depending on the location of the damage, our team may need access to your attic or crawlspace to ensure we locate all affected areas in preparation for cleanup and restoration.

Will My Insurance Help Pay for My Damage?

Whether or not your insurance will cover your loss depends on the scenario that caused the damage. You can feel free to ask the Virotect Restoration team if your loss is a “covered loss.” We work with insurance companies, and we are glad to walk you through the claims process step by step. Don’t worry! Our pricing is in line with insurance companies’ preferred pricing lists, creating a near-seamless billing process.
Will insurance cover fire damage?
What if insurance won't cover the fire damage?

What If My Insurance Does Not Cover My Loss?

While insurance companies cover most water damage claims, certain water damage claims are not covered. If you find yourself dealing with a loss that is not covered, we have several financing options available for you!

Committed to excellence

Trained & Certified

Our company is proud to be IICRC certified, which means that we adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism in the restoration industry. The IICRC is a respected organization that sets the bar for technical proficiency and ethical practices in restoration services. By choosing an IICRC certified company like us, you can have confidence that our team has the necessary training and expertise to handle any emergency restoration situation with efficiency and care. We prioritize customer satisfaction and safety, and our IICRC certification is a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Alabama Home Builders License

License #: 28803

IICRC Certified